Our mission


Our mission is to make learning fun for students of all ages by tapping into their natural curiosity about the world and incorporating it into their natural love for games. 

Fun & Educational


We want every educational game we create to be so entertaining for students that they can’t help but learn while playing.

We study your lesson plan.

We work closely with you and your team to fully understand what your end goal is.  We study your lesson plan, syllabus or curriculum and analyze all the parts to come up with a fun game your students will love to play and learn with.

We convert it into fun gameplay.

To make a game fun for students, it has to be engaging; which is why we base our game design on compelling mechanics children are already familiar with through games they already love to play.

We develop a fun, educational game.

Addicted to knowledge, that’s the main goal of all our educational games. Your students will now love doing their homework or studying for a test or exam because they’ll be playing a game they enjoy.

Our services


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    We can design an educational game using your own lesson plan and create the appropriate game mechanics that would suit your students.  Additionally, we can create a prototype/demo of your game so you have a clearer picture of the game and its mechanics.

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    From graphics to music and voice overs, we can develop the educational game just the way you’ve imagined it, compatible with various platforms.
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    We can review and test your educational game and give you feedback on ways to improve it with user experience and goals of learning in mind without leaving out the entertainment value your educational game offers.
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